"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Induction Charging.

"Why am I here? Why do I exist? What is the meaning of Life???"
Don't you know??? 
Well. Ok. There was a time when I didn't know either...

We exist in a continuum of potential. Energy, if you like.
Connected to it, you are energized.
Disconnected from it you are - well - what you are.
Connected, energy pulses through you, and you are sustained by it.
Disconnected, you wander around, wondering what your purpose is.

You have a purpose. That is why you exist.
You did not design you, to perform this purpose.
Whatever did, designed you to perform it.
Connected, you perform it, effortlessly.

The longer you are disconnected, the less potential remains in your batteries.
You may need a jump-start to get your act together.
Batteries left uncharged for too long end up dead.