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Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ecocentrism: That's ECO, not EGO !

Ecocentrism has been described as post-humanism, for it transfers the reality-spotlight from humanity to the Ecosphere, from the part to the whole. This outside-the-human focus brings with it new standards for thought, conduct and action on such seemingly intractable problems as world population, urbanization, globalization, maintenance of cultural diversity, and ethical duties to the Ecosphere with its varied natural ecosystems and their wild species.

The ecocentric ethic provides a new basis from which to examine the questions of how we should value the natural Earth and its systems and of how people should live.

Ecocentric ethics can also provide moral guidance to corporate and government policy makers and to individuals around the world for undoing the enormous past crimes against Nature, and for building economic systems and communities that are in harmony with the time-tested laws of the Ecosphere.

Ecocentrism recognizes that the Ecosphere, rather than organisms, is the source of life, of creativity, of evolutionary design, and of all meaning.

Human value systems have traditionally been inward-looking, preoccupied with the immediate concerns of the individual, and by extension, of society and culture. Ecocentric valuation invites a broader, outward-looking viewpoint.

Sounds rather like Taoism, to me, but with a new-age-like / scientific-like / popular-like title to it.
Try expanding Ecocentrism to encompass the entire universe, and all it contains, and you really are talking about Tao.

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