"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dark Matter.

Science has put forward a rather disturbing observation...
A rather large part of the universe is... MISSING!
That doesn't sound good.
How can they know this?
Well they can't. It's all hypothetical.
But they claim to be able to know how much mass is contained within the universe, and knowing this, there is this small matter of an enormous discrepancy on the balance sheet.

Where did it go?
There are these big things called Black Holes.
They can not be seen, since even light can not escape their clutches.
But their effect can be measured.

The theory is that the gravitational pull of these things is so great that they consume absolutely anything they can influence. Even light.
Thus a great deal of the matter in the universe has been - and is being - gobbled up.
Why am I writing about this?

Worlds within worlds.
There are people who behave exactly like black holes.
They consume everything they can, even things they have no use for. Even things that can destroy them. Giving nothing back.

Even on taoist forums, one encounters questions like:
"How can I get the most out of taoism?"
"What can taoism do for me?"
"How can I benefit..?"

And every microcosm is a microcosm of something else.
It demonstrates a way of being that is either for, or against.
One may see the necessity of contributing, of sharing, of adding something to the whole.
Or one may exist only to take, take, take.

Black holes give nothing back.
If they have their way, nothing will exist except for dark matter.
If enough people take, giving nothing back, the results will be similar.
The complete destruction of everything we know, in this, our very own microcosm.

Having nothing does not mean one has nothing to give.
The least anyone can give is goodwill. This has value.
Nobody is so poor that they need give nothing.
Giving is our purpose.

We must offer something back to the whole, or we are no more than dark matter.
Gobbling up our own environment.

Science would do well to shift its viewpoint.
To see itself as part of the whole, and not the mortal enemy of the spiritual and mystical.
It gives us the means to know what is going on. It can help us "know".
That does not have to mean that we no longer need the other half of being.

The Cosmic Microwave Background whispers its secrets to us.
While science congratulates itself on being able to detect it, they completely forget to listen to what it is saying.

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