"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Monday, February 15, 2010


We are obsessed with limits.
Imagining a thing can only be either this, or that,
our view of things is limited to the one or to the other.
Schrodinger's Cat would disagree...

This way of seeing things, accounts for many of the world's ills.
With only two choices, we tend to choose one.
Then we tend to see that choice as the obvious choice.
Of course, we are right.
And anyone who disagrees is wrong.

The cosmos does not operate under such fallacy.
In the subatomic world, we see that there are many more possibilities.
Whereas the human ego imagines things as good, or bad,
right, or wrong, the smallest particles, of which we,
and everything else is/are made, are both right and wrong,
good and bad...

Our egos see in terms of: or.
Reality consists of: and.

Humans are not easily able to grasp the concept of paradox.
But paradox is the stuff of reality.
Looking out at the Milky Way, we decide it is very far away.
It never occurs to us, that we are actually a part of it.
But we are.
Strangely we see ourselves as separate.

We look outwards, hoping to catch a glimpse of God.
Never imagining that what we seek is with us, always.
"I am not God," we think. "So where is God?"
"Either I am God or I am not."
"I am not God."

Looking inside, the view is very different:
There is wonder, inside. Awe and Glory.
"I see God inside me," we might decide.
"Yet I am merely human. How can God be in me?"
"I am merely human, and I am also God."

Quantum Physics can be applied to yourself:
God may exist inside you, but you will never make it so
until you look.

And this, we are discovering, is the nature of reality.
It is the scientists, who are the most amazed of all.


  1. The Coxswain will follow your posts passionately.

  2. Well: that is indeed a fine thing.
    Pleased to meet you :)