"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Friday, January 1, 2010

The D.I.Y. Universe.

What? The Do It yourself Universe?
Well yes.
Don't like the colour of the walls? Paint them.
Don't like any walls at all? Knock them out.
House falling apart? Tear it down and build a new one.

It's so much work.

But what else were you doing, anyway?

Quantum Physics.
Scientists observe that the very act of observation changes the way sub-atomic particles behave.
Expecting something to be a certain way results in that something being a certain way.
Believing something to be so, actually results in it being so.
Scientists are shocked.
You can see why.

The Bible contains a wealth of incomprehensible assertations.
People - as is their way - set about interpreting what they observe.
And often get it very wrong.
The Bible is not the only body of wisdom to get this kind of abuse.
Even something as simple as the Tao te Ching gets the going-over.
And every other written account, from top to bottom.

God created Man in his own image, says the Holy Book.
That seems quite clear. OK. That must be the way it is.
But no. People read that to mean that God must look like man.
Hence the widespread belief that God is an old man, perched on a cloud.
Who knows: that may actually be the way it is.
But I don't see it like that.

Notice how man naively takes what is and turns it into what it looks like.
Thus removing the reality from reality, and replacing it with an appearance of reality.
The resulting reality of most people is nothing more than the appearance of it.
And that's quite a trick, really: turning reality into a facsimile.

God created man in his image.
Each man, imbued with all that is God.
Completely equipped to create something out of nothing.
Able to be divine. Or not.

It is becoming clear that the entire universe exists inside a framework of pure consciousness.
That consciousness is everywhere, and all things are part of it.
Scientists observe what is outside of themselves.
But it is beginning to dawn on them that there is no outside.

Lao Tzu asks: "Do you think the world is perfect?"
Humans, being humans, immediately see all that is wrong with the world, and say: "No. I don't."
Not understanding that by seeing the world as perfect, it actually becomes perfect.
One person at a time.

Those walls are never going to get painted unless you paint them.
That new house is never going to get built unless you build it.
The world is going to go right on being imperfect, until you decide to make it perfect.
Nobody else can do what only you can do.

Make it so.


  1. I like the blog.

    INFJ/INTJ in your "interests" section...did you determine your personality type?

  2. I did, after noticing yours.
    Interesting stuff.
    I joined a forum for my type, and have been heavily engaged there.
    It turns out that many of its members are real cases.
    Which is to be expected, knowing myself as I do, and how I was before I decided to start sorting myself out:

    Did a lot of reading on your type, too.
    Explained a lot about you :)

  3. I was curious about something.

    You once said the crow was your totem animal.

    What does that mean, and how did you find out?

  4. An Indian belief: animal/bird spirits appear in your life to guide your footsteps.
    I have been engaged by foxes, bats and crows.
    One does not choose them: one is chosen by them.
    Search the web for "animal totems".
    Crow sums me up better than I ever could have.
    Like anything else: what you choose to believe, is the reality you inhabit.
    Has any particular creature shown itself to you, in dreams or in wakefulness?

  5. An interesting concept:


    I think I'll have to wait a little bit until I know my totem animal, since in waking life I seldom come across any animals (pigeons and squirrels, but everybody in the city comes across pigeons and squirrels), and I don't remember my dreams. When I was young I was particularly interested in turtles, but I haven't been for many years now.

    Perhaps I'll keep a dream journal.

  6. (This is a new profile by the way. I rise from my own ashes.)