"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saving The World.

The Burning Question.
The One, that supersedes all others.
The Meaning Of Life...

We are not taught about this as children.
Who could teach it? How to teach what can not be known?
The answer to this question would solve all our problems, and finally allow us all to get on with the business of realizing our purpose.

We are taught to excel.
To succeed.
To maneuver ourselves into a position of advantage, in order to acquire as much as we can, for ourselves.
We are told why this is important. But we are not given a context.

The church intrudes, here and there, from the peripheries.
It drones at us in mumbo-jumbo, about things we do not understand.
It tells us that we should do and act and strive in ways that are unclear, for the apparent purpose of avoiding the unpleasant attentions of a wrathful God.

None of it makes much sense.

Unable to teach what it does not, itself, know how to do, society does its uninformed best.
As minor members of society, we do our uninformed best to make some sense of it all.
We serve ourselves, acquiring what we can, and gaining much, or gaining little, makes no real difference, in the end, to how we feel inside.

We are closer than we think, and further away than we realize, from the truth.

Serving ourselves is what we do best.
We do it, enthusiastically, or less so.
All the while, we are aware that this self-serving is fundamentally unsatisfying.
There is something missing, yet we never quite understand the nature of what is missing.

We come, sometimes, to a point of desperation that moves us to express a need to save the world.
The whole world, no less. A grandiose idea, indeed.
Barely able to function in a healthy and whole way, ourselves, still we want to help everyone, save everyone, make a difference to everyone.
The whole world.

We serve ourselves.
And this is halfway to heaven.
The unknown secret is in the understanding of why we must serve ourselves.
Serving ourselves to serve the whole. The whole world. The universe itself.

Until we, ourselves, are whole and healthy, we are not serving the whole.
And not serving the whole is the reason we are in this state.

The Meaning Of Life?
To serve oneself, in order to serve the whole.

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