"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mis-Understanding It All.

For as long as there have been humans, there has been a concept of "God".
Singular, plural, with or without form, the notion of God is as old as mankind.
Even the current epidemic of atheism depends upon it.

God must be something without which we can not exist.

Everyone understands the word "God" when they hear it.
But do they?

It is my belief that very, very few do.
Because we - as humans - view God in the same way we view each other:
We assign motives and behaviours to this God, that we assign to ourselves.
We believe God wants, hopes, desires, demands, commands and expects...

By doing this, we rob ourselves of the very thing that we seek to gain.

It is written that we are created in the image of God.
And, as is our habit: we set about misinterpreting this, as comprehensively as our clever little minds can manage...

He must look like us. He must act like us. He must want what we want. He must have motive.
And - unbelieveably - that is what we actually believe.

The Cosmic Microwave Background enfolds, fills, joins and contains all that is.
It is the context for what exists within it.
It is not in our nature to be able to understand it.
It is within our nature to admit: it is.

And God: strip from it the trappings of our own uncertainty, and what remains?
What remains is its true nature:

Ours is not to understand this thing that is us and that we are part of.
Ours is to calmly know that it is, and we are of it, and life is our birthright.

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